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To make life a little simpler, I have divided the shop in to categories, or a little "on-line department store", as I like to imagine it.


  Bedroom & Bathroom  

  Clothing, Luggage & Accessories  

  Dining, Kitchen & Household  

  Furniture & Trunks  


  Linens, Cushions & Fabric  


  Miscellaneous & Objet d'Art  

  Nursery, Toys & Games  

  Paintings, Prints & Frames  

  **RESERVED FOR ANTHONY **Beautiful vintage oil painting  

  9 1/2 ft of exquisite antique lace  

  A pair of 19th Century English miniature oil paintings on canvas  

  A pair of charming shabby antique blue & white bowls  

  A pair of rare handpainted 19th Century magic lantern slides  

  A pair of superb antique linen pillowcases  

  A pair of wonderful vintage French wirework wall planters  

  A rare pair of single vintage eiderdowns, feather eiderdowns  

  A set of three vintage shop storage tins or tea caddies  

  A stunning antique porcelain lidded tureen  

  A superb pair of large vintage 1930's Crown Ducal red Asiatic Pheasants bowls  

  A trio of beautiful Victorian large silver plate table or serving spoons  

  A trio of stunning antique ebony hand mirrors  

  Adorable 1950's vintage toy childs basket  

  Adorable antique leather baby boots  

  Adorable little antique oil painting on board  

  Adorable little country stool with original paintwork  

  Adorable little miniature drawers with original shabby paintwork  

  Adorable little vintage wooden cutlery/storage tray  

  Adorable painted antique French faux bamboo mirror  

  Adorable vintage abacus  

  Adorable vintage clothes horse or washing airer  

  Adorable vintage Lloyd Loom style child's chair  

  Adorable vintage wooden bird cage  

  An outstanding pair of antique lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Antique Asiatic Pheasants footed serving bowl  

  Antique bread plate with Lords Prayer  

  Antique cloth backed map of Yorkshire  

  Antique French chemise, nightgown or nightdress  

  Antique French enamel candle holder  

  Antique French miniature porcelain tea set  

  Antique French plinth or display stand  

  Antique hand blown glass fisherman's float  

  Antique handpainted porcelain powder pot, powder jar, trinket box  

  Antique jewellery or trinket box  

  Antique marmalade jar  

  Antique monogrammed towel "D.D."  

  Antique papier mache box. Hand-painted. Victorian  

  Antique Parian Ware jug with pewter lid, T Booth  

  Antique tureen, white ironstone tureen  

  Antique wooden military box or trunk with original scumble glaze  

  Beautiful 1930's vintage paintd pine box or stool  

  Beautiful antique basket with original green paintwork  

  Beautiful antique blue & white Asiatic Pheasants meat plate or platter  

  Beautiful antique blue & white Myott tureen  

  Beautiful antique blue and white miniature mug or coffee can  

  Beautiful antique books. With marbled and leather bindings. Weighed and Wanting by George MacDonald  

  Beautiful antique cut glass dressing table set with silver plate lids  

  Beautiful antique dairy bowl or dough bowl  

  Beautiful antique faux ivory napkin ring with silver "L" mount  

  Beautiful antique frameless oil painting on canvas  

  Beautiful antique French fan  

  Beautiful antique French quilt cushion  

  Beautiful antique hand-painted clockface  

  Beautiful antique hand-painted Franz Anton Mehlem cake stand  

  Beautiful antique Imperial Bonn cheese or butter dish  

  Beautiful antique linen damask towel  

  Beautiful antique milk jug or creamer woth pewter lid  

  Beautiful antique oil painting on board  

  Beautiful antique oil painting on canvas  

  Beautiful antique painted distressed mirror  

  Beautiful antique painted mirror  

  Beautiful antique painted pine bench or coffee table  

  Beautiful antique silver plate & glass dressing table set  

  Beautiful antique silver plate cake or bread knife  

  Beautiful authentic vintage Lloyd Loom chair  

  Beautiful painted Victorian shelves  

  Beautiful pair of vintage Sandersons linen curtains, floral curtains  

  Beautiful vintage 1920's chenille door curtain  

  Beautiful vintage 1920's wool rug  

  Beautiful vintage 1940's Lloyd Loom chair  

  Beautiful vintage Art Nouveau glass cake stand  

  Beautiful vintage books, five books, book stack. Leather bound books. Forsyte Saga  

  Beautiful vintage books, three books, book stack. Sir Walter Scott  

  Beautiful vintage Copeland Spode Italian pattern milk jug  

  Beautiful vintage ditsy floral feather eiderdown  

  Beautiful vintage double eiderdown, black, pink and green paisley  

  Beautiful vintage eiderdown  

  Beautiful vintage floral Marshall & Snelgrove hatbox  

  Beautiful vintage French paisley double quilt  

  Beautiful vintage lambswool blanket  

  Beautiful vintage painted cast iron statue  

  Beautiful vintage pine filing, craft or storage drawers  

  Beautiful vintage pure wool blanket  

  Beautiful vintage pure wool blanket  

  Beautiful vintage pure wool tartan blanket or rug  

  Beautiful vintage Scottish wool blanket  

  Beautiful vintage Shelley porcelain jelly mould  

  Beautiful vintage silver plate candelabra  

  Beautiful vintage silver plate candelabra  

  Beautiful vintage Sudlow Burslem teapot, milk jug & sugar bowl  

  Beautiful vintage ticking feather bolster cushion  

  Beautiful vintage wicker fishing basket or creel  

  Beautiful vintage Willow Pattern Doulton Burslem jug  

  Beautiful vintage wooden ironing board  

  Beautifully weathered Victorian clay plant pot  

  Big & beautiful blue Victorian jug  

  Big & beautiful Victorian jug  

  Charming antique bread plate  

  Charming antique decoupage box  

  Charming antique French chippy enamel candlestick  

  Charming antique lace edged huckaback towel  

  Charming antique miniature drawers. Storage drawers, craft drawers, office drawers, filing drawers, collectors drawers  

  Charming antique stoneware jelly mould  

  Charming antique stoneware jelly mould  

  Charming antique tourist ware mug  

  Charming antique Victorian Jubilee mug  

  Charming hand-painted Victorian desk shelf  

  Charming little vintage painted bathroom cabinet  

  Charming little vintage painted oak shelves  

  Charming little vintage Welsh Creigiau lustre ware jug  

  Charming long pine vintage bench, footstool  

  Charming original oil painting on canvas  

  Charming pair of vintage silver plate candlesticks  

  Charming shabby painted wooden oar  

  Charming vintage "Harper" kitchen scales with weights  

  Charming vintage "Meltonian" wooden shoe stretchers/lasts  

  Charming vintage 1920's bamboo table  

  Charming vintage 1920's straining ladle  

  Charming vintage clothes horse, washing airer or towel rail  

  Charming vintage dolly tub  

  Charming vintage eiderdown  

  Charming vintage feather eiderdown  

  Charming vintage folding wooden table  

  Charming vintage French enamel candle holder  

  Charming vintage French ticking cusion cover  

  Charming vintage miniature drawers  

  Charming vintage naive frameless oil painting on canvas  

  Charming vintage oil painting on board  

  Charming vintage original oil painting on canvas  

  Charming vintage original painting on board  

  Charming vintage painted expanding wooden hooks  

  Charming vintage Post Office filing drawers  

  Charming vintage religious print, St Anthony  

  Charming vintage wooden ironing board  

  Charming vintage wooden letter/storage rack  

  Classic little 9" stoneware mixing bowl  

  Classic vintage enamel bucket  

  Classic vintage French wooden coat hooks  

  Classic vintage white milk jug  

  Country pine painted bench with lift up seat  

  Dainty antique silver plate toast rack  

  Darling 1920's girls straw bonnet with original box  

  Darling 1920's vintage nursery sheet  

  Darling 1930's bread or cake plate  

  Darling 19th Century blue & white Asiatic Pheasant plate  

  Darling antique baby's gown or dress  

  Darling antique fitted box  

  Darling antique painted oak wall box, stationary, post or candle box  

  Darling antique painted wall cabinet  

  Darling antique trinket box with decoupage lid  

  Darling antique trinket box with decoupage lid  

  Darling little 19th Century painted tray  

  Darling little 19th Century woodgrained money box  

  Darling little antique Epsom Races print in original chippy frame  

  Darling little antique french linen monorammed cushion  

  Darling little antique French trinket box  

  Darling little antique jug  

  Darling little antique linen cushion  

  Darling little antique lustre ware jug  

  Darling little antique stool  

  Darling little antique style oil painting in chipped gilt frame  

  Darling little antique tourist ware coffee can  

  Darling little antique trinket box  

  Darling little antique trunk  

  Darling little original painting in divine worn painted ironwork frame  

  Darling little painted vintage kitchen steps or ladders  

  Darling little rustic vintage stool  

  Darling little shabby chic vintage French enamel bath, perfect planter  

  Darling little Victorian lace trimmed nightgown  

  Darling little vintag stool with original chippy paintwork  

  Darling little vintage 1930's pine towel rail  

  Darling little vintage corner cabinet or cupboard  

  Darling little vintage folding childs chair  

  Darling little vintage galvanized bucket or planter  

  Darling little vintage hand trowel with original paintwork  

  Darling little vintage milking stool  

  Darling little vintage Reeve's watercolour box or tin  

  Darling little vintage TG Green Domino pattern cream or milk jug  

  Darling painted vintage Lloyd Loom chair  

  Darling pair of vintage lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Darling pink paisley 1930's vintage quilt  

  Darling Victorian chair with pretty worn period paintwork  

  Darling vintage "cottage" butter dish  

  Darling vintage "Pixie" vanity case  

  Darling vintage 1920's basket. Beautiful condition !  

  Darling vintage 1930's plaster dog statue  

  Darling vintage 1940's folding garden or directors chair  

  Darling vintage chair with original worn paintwork  

  Darling vintage eiderdown  

  Darling vintage eiderdown  

  Darling vintage floral curtains  

  Darling vintage floral linen in painted anitque frame  

  Darling vintage French enamel bath or basin  

  Darling vintage original oil painting on board  

  Darling vintage painted bathroom cabinet with mirrored door  

  Darling vintage painted miniature collectors drawers  

  Darling vintage painted washing airer, clothes horse or towel rail  

  Darling vintage patchwork quilt  

  Darling vintage sailor's collar and cuffs  

  Darling vintage style hand-stitched needlepoint cushion  

  Delicate vintage bridal headdress and veil  

  Delightful 19th Century gilt picture frame  

  Delightful antique French single floral and lace curtain  

  Delightful antique painted shelves  

  Delightful antque bread plate with Lords Prayer  

  Delightful vintage French nightgown  

  Divine 19th Century hand-painted metal clockface  

  Divine 19th Century ladies binoculars  

  Divine 19th Century quilt panel mounted in antique chippy gilt frame  

  Divine 19th Century sugar or slops jar  

  Divine antique embroidered "Linen" bag  

  Divine antique framed needlepoint  

  Divine antique French picture or photo mount  

  Divine antique linen damask towel  

  Divine antique painted pigeon holes, shelves, storage shelves  

  Divine antique pine armchair  

  Divine extra large Victorian jug  

  Divine framed vintage floral chintz  

  Divine hand-painted Victorian sugar bowl and milk jug  

  Divine little 19th Century folding towel rail  

  Divine little antique oil painting in chippy gilt frame  

  Divine little antique pink lustre teapot  

  Divine little antique pitch pine church collection box  

  Divine little antique print in chippy gesso frame  

  Divine little metal dolls house silver style tea service  

  Divine little vintage baby's coat  

  Divine little vintage hand-stitched boudoir bag  

  Divine little vintage tapestry evening bag  

  Divine naive vintage original oil painting on canvas  

  Divine painted Victorian miniature cabinet  

  Divine painted Victorian wall shelves  

  Divine shabby vintage French brocade cushion  

  Divine Victorian blue & white lidded tureen  

  Divine Victorian chair with layers of beautiful worn period paintwork  

  Divine Victorian painted wall cupboard or cabinet  

  Divine Victorian pierced fruit dish & plate  

  Divine Victorian tin trunk with original worn paintwork  

  Divine vintage 1930's latch hook rug  

  Divine vintage 1930's pure wool blanket  

  Divine vintage clear glass oil lamp  

  Divine vintage dressing table set  

  Divine vintage feather eiderdown  

  Divine vintage French Virgin Mary & Child statue  

  Divine vintage KIGU gilt powder compact  

  Divine vintage original oil painting  

  Divine vintage padded nightdress case or boudoir cushion  

  Elegant little vintage bread or cheese board in silver plat tray  

  Elegant shabby chic painted antique gilt mirror  

  Elegant vintage pure white tureen  

  Elegant vintage silver plate gravy or sauce boat  

  Elegant vintage silver plated toast rack  

  Enormous vintage French confit pot, mixing bowl  

  Evocative 19th Century framed sampler  

  Exquisite antique French photo frame  

  Exquisite antique silver -plated spoon with mother of pearl handle  

  Exquisite Georgian water gilt picture frame  

  Exquisite little antique French faux diamond and pearl cross brooch  

  Exquisite little Georgian picture frame  

  Exquisite pair of antique lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Exquisite vintage bridal coronet and veil  

  Exquisite vintage embroidered silk piano shawl  

  Extra large 4 pint vintage banded dairy jug or milk jug. Burleigh Ware  

  Extra large antique blue & white mug or tankard  

  Extra large antique French confit pot with wooden lid  

  Fabulous antique hoopla board  

  Fabulous painted vintage wooden ladder towel rail  

  Four divine little 19th Century handpainted porcelain tea plates  

  Handsome vintage wooden artists case  

  Large 1930's original oil painting on board  

  Large antique French jug  

  Large antique jug, vintage jug, antique vase  

  Large antique jug, vintage jug, antique vase, vintage vase, blue and white  

  Large antique jug, vintage jug, antique vase, vintage vase. Cauldon pottery  

  Large antique tin trunk with beautiful original worn paintwork  

  Large antique Wedgwood Asiatic Pheasants platter  

  Large decorative antique fan  

  Large decorative shabby vintage pond yacht  

  Large handmade vintage copper jug  

  Large shabby hand-painted vintage decorative tray  

  Large Victorian Asiatic Pheasants platter or meat plate  

  Large Victorian jug, perfect for flowers. Utterly divine !  

  Large Victorian jug, simply stunning  

  Large vintage "Sankey's" clay flower pot  

  Large vintage banded dairy or milk jug  

  Large vintage bent wood flour sieve  

  Large vintage bentwood garden sieve or riddle  

  Large vintage blue enamel wash or mixing bowl  

  Large vintage clothes horse or washing airer  

  Large vintage copper bowl  

  Large vintage Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug  

  Large vintage enamel wash bowl  

  Large vintage factory metal mesh shelving  

  Large vintage folding washing airer  

  Large vintage Fortnum & Mason pudding basin or mixing bowl  

  Large vintage French bowl  

  Large vintage French confit pot or jar  

  Large vintage French copper ladle  

  Large vintage French enamel jug  

  Large vintage French enamel jug  

  Large vintage French original oil painting on canvas  

  Large vintage French perfume bottle  

  Large vintage French pot or jug  

  Large vintage galvanised coal scuttle or log bucket  

  Large vintage green stoneware jug  

  Large vintage hand-made Sankey's terracotta plant pot  

  Large vintage hand-stitched needlepoint cushion  

  Large vintage industrial stoneware draining bowl or strainer  

  Large vintage Italian plaster Jesus Christ statue  

  Large vintage Judge Ware blue enamel saucepan  

  Large vintage original oil painting on board  

  Large vintage Sanderson's linen feather cushion  

  Large vintage velvet feather cushion, vintage feather pillow. Toile de jouy  

  Large vintage zinc bath  

  Large vintage"Wirax" wire cloche or food cover  

  Large wooden vintage artists easel  

  Long 19th Century beaded table runner  

  Long French ticking feather bolster cushion  

  Long vintage silver plate wedding cake or bread knife  

  Lovely 1920's vintage suitcase  

  Lovely 19th Century cast iron door stop  

  Lovely 19th Century hat tin  

  Lovely antique cast iron kitchen scales  

  Lovely antique faux bone napkin ring with silver plate 6 or 9  

  Lovely antique hat tin or hat box  

  Lovely antique huckaback towel  

  Lovely antique pickle fork, silver plate with bone handle  

  Lovely antique silver plate bread or cake knife  

  Lovely antique tin trunk with worn paintwork  

  Lovely antique well worn bread board  

  Lovely antique white banded jar, rice jar  

  Lovely big vintage fruit & veg crate for garden storage and display  

  Lovely framed 19th Centurt quilt panel  

  Lovely hand-stitched needlepoint cushion  

  Lovely little antique French tin trunk, steamer trunk, coffee table  

  Lovely little antique tin trunk, steamer trunk  

  Lovely little vintage Cornishware style striped pudding basin or mixing bowl  

  Lovely little vintage folding wooden kitchen steps  

  Lovely little vintage heavy glass water jug  

  Lovely little vintage Union Jack flag on wooden pole  

  Lovely little vintage wire cooling rack  

  Lovely painted wooden vintage kitchen steps or ladder  

  Lovely Victorian blue and white Asiatic Pheasant platter  

  Lovely Victorian floral photo mount  

  Lovely vintage bent wood garden sieve or riddle  

  Lovely vintage blue & white tureen  

  Lovely vintage blue enamel saucepan with cast iron base  

  Lovely vintage bread knife with carved wooden handle  

  Lovely vintage Brexton picnic set  

  Lovely vintage cake stand  

  Lovely vintage cake tin  

  Lovely vintage cake tin  

  Lovely vintage carved wooden bread board  

  Lovely vintage chippy enamel bread bin or tin  

  Lovely vintage coffee grinder  

  Lovely vintage coffee grinder or coffee mill  

  Lovely vintage Copeland Spode Itallian pattern sugar bowl  

  Lovely vintage dolly tub, perfect cottage garden planter or interior log storage  

  Lovely vintage dolly tub, perfect garden planter  

  Lovely vintage enamel bread bin  

  Lovely vintage enamel colander, enamelware  

  Lovely vintage enamel frying pan  

  Lovely vintage French crucifix  

  Lovely vintage French double eiderdown  

  Lovely vintage French galvanized bucket with lid, zinc bucket, wash bucket, boiler, storage  

  Lovely vintage galvanised zinc planter  

  Lovely vintage needlepoint cushion. Tapestry cushion. Hand-stitched  

  Lovely vintage pure wool tartan blanket or rug  

  Lovely vintage Scottish original oil painting on canvas  

  Lovely vintage stoneware butter dish ore butter crock  

  Lovely vintage stoneware chemist's jar  

  Lovely vintage TG Green stoneware mixing bowl  

  Lovely vintage ticking feather pillow or cushion  

  Lovely vintage tin bath  

  Lovely vintage Union Jack flag  

  Lovely vintage Waymaster 10lb kitchen scales  

  Lovely vintage wooden Ceylon tea box or crate  

  Lovely vintage wooden kitchen steps, vintage ladder  

  Lovely vintage wooden triple folding clothes horse or washing airer  

  Matching vintage "Losol Ware" serving plate tureen & sauce boat  

  Original Georgian Spode Botanical series "Narcissi"  

  Original Georgian Spode Botanical series plate  

  Painted antique French mirror  

  Painted vintage ladder, towel rail  

  Painted vintage wooden kitchen steps or ladder  

  Pair of 19th Century solid oak trays  

  Pair of antique hand carved wooden panels  

  Pair of antique silver plate sauce ladles. Monogrammed  

  Pair of beautiful 19th Century Dutch needlepoints  

  Pair of beautiful antique embroidered linen pillowcases  

  Pair of beautiful antique lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Pair of beautiful antique lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Pair of chaming vintage glass kitchen storage jars  

  Pair of charming vintage oval serving plates  

  Pair of darling vintage floral quilted cushions  

  Pair of large shabby painted vintage shelf brackets  

  Pair of painted vintage French style bedside cabinets  

  Pair of small hand-stitched needlepoint cushions  

  Pair of small hand-stitched needlepoint cushions  

  Pair of stunning antique linen pillowcases  

  Pair of un-used vintage embroidered pillowcases  

  Pair of vintage folding wooden camping stools, picnic stools. Re-canvassed with vintage floral fabric  

  Pair of vintage pepper pots  

  Pair of wonderfully shabby Victorian blue & white floral meat plates or platters  

  Pretty antique bread knife with chased blade  

  Pretty antique French quilt cushion  

  Pretty antique silver plate pickle fork with mother of pearl handle  

  Pretty antique silver plated bread or cake knife  

  Pretty blue shabby painted wooden oar  

  Pretty enamel platter or serving plate  

  Pretty frameless vintage floral oil painting on board  

  Pretty little blue & white Burgess Chintz jug  

  Pretty little Victorian blue & white transfer ware lidded tureen  

  Pretty painted Victorian chair with cane seat  

  Pretty painted vintage 1920's bamboo table  

  Pretty pair of vintage lace trimmed pillowcases  

  Pretty Victorian chair with authentic worn vintage paintwork and cane seat  

  Pretty Victorian floral jug with pewter lid  

  Pretty Victorian floral photo mount  

  Pretty Victorian floral photo mount  

  Pretty vintage "Crinoline Lady " butter dish  

  Pretty vintage 1930's Avon Ware butter dish  

  Pretty vintage Art Deco Crinoline Lady tray  

  Pretty vintage convex mirror  

  Pretty vintage enamel colander  

  Pretty vintage enamel flour tin or bin  

  Pretty vintage floral curtains  

  Pretty vintage folding table with original chippy paintwork  

  Pretty vintage hand-painted wooden fan  

  Pretty vintage hand-stitched needlepoint cushion  

  Pretty vintage oil painting on board  

  Pretty vintage serving plate or platter  

  Pretty vintage silver plated sugar tongs  

  Pretty vintage silver-plated sugar tongs  

  Pretty vintage stool with original worn pale grey paintwork  

  Pretty vintage washing airier with orginal chippy paintwork  

  Quirky vintage wooden first aid box or cabinet  

  Rare 19th Century cast iron wall hooks  

  Rare antique blue & white Asiatic Pheasants tureen  

  Rare antique butter knife with carved wooden handle  

  Rare antique coffee can or miniature mug. Lustre ware  

  Rare antique collapsing top hat  

  Rare antique enamel Vinolia soap sign  

  Rare antique French doll's "Toilette" box  

  Rare antique French enamel butter dish  

  Rare antique horn ladle  

  Rare antique painted & etched mirror  

  Rare double vintage eiderdown  

  Rare double vintage eiderdown  

  Rare double vintage feather eiderdown  

  Rare double vintage feather paisley eiderdown  

  Rare early 19th Century lustre ware coffee can or miniature mug  

  Rare Edwardian enamel bread bin  

  Rare Georgian coin purse  

  Rare Georgian coin purse  

  Rare Royal Doulton English Rose pattern cress, salad or berry bowl  

  Rare un-used 1930's vintage comfy quilt  

  Rare Victorian white banded dairy butter dish  

  Rare vintage "H. Upmann" cigar jar  

  Rare vintage double eiderdown  



  RESERVED FOR ANGELA Stunning antique shabby painted wall cabinet or cupboard  

  RESERVED Pretty vintage Alfred Meakin cream milk jug  

  Romantic Victorian straw sun hat trimmed with original green velvet ribbon  

  Set of 6 Victorian silver plated dessert forks  

  Set of 8 Victorian 10 1/2" dinner plates, brown & white transfer ware  

  Set of 8 Victorian 9 1/2" plates, brown transfer ware  

  Set of 8 Victorian silver plated spoons  

  Set of four beautiful vintage enamel plates  

  Set of four vintage Art deco filing drawer for stylish storage  

  Set of four vintage Copeland Spode teacups and saucers  

  Set of four vintage French enamel kitchen canisters  

  Set of nine antique silver plate 6 3/4" spoons  

  Set of six boxed vintage 9 1/2" dinner knives  

  Set of six boxed vintage butter knives  

  Set of six large 8 1/2" antique silver plate spoons  

  Set of six stunning vintage dinner knives in original box  

  Set of six vintage Art Deco dinner knives  

  Set of six vintage blue polkadot Ridgway Conway side or tea plates  

  Set of six vintage forks with faux bone handles  

  Set of six vintage Wood's Ware Jasmine yellow 6" side plates  

  Shabby antique French confit pot  

  Shabby chic painted wooden ladder towel rail  

  Shabby little antique blue & white Asiatic Pheasant's platter  

  Shabby painted vintage wooden kitchen steps  

  Simple vintage painted pine trunk or box  

  Small Victorian tureen with stand  

  Small vintage convex mirror  

  Small vintage feather ticking cushion or pillow  

  Small vintage French enamel jug, vintage enamel pitcher, blue  

  Small vintage French enamel jug, vintage enamel pitcher, white  

  Stnning pair of vintage oval gilt picture frames  

  Stunning 1920's vintage ostrich feather fan  

  Stunning 1930's vintage hand-stitched quilt  

  Stunning 19th Century chair with cane seat  

  Stunning 19th Century gothic painted chair  

  Stunning 19th Century hand-painted cake stand  

  Stunning 19th Century Parian Ware jug  

  Stunning 19th Century pickle fork  

  Stunning antique silver-plate bread or cake knife  

  Stunning antique beadwork bolster cushion  

  Stunning antique bentwood hat box  

  Stunning antique display mirror  

  Stunning antique embroidered christening gown  

  Stunning antique embroidered Irish linen sheet  

  Stunning antique embroidery on silk. Original frame  

  Stunning antique felt lined cutlery basket  

  Stunning antique flow blue bowl  

  Stunning antique frameless oil painting on canvas  

  Stunning antique glass dome, hand-blown and painted  

  Stunning antique glove box with kid leather evening gloves  

  Stunning antique hand-painted silk handkerchief case  

  Stunning antique pine dresser top, kitchen shelves  

  Stunning antique porcelain serving tray  

  Stunning antique silver plate hand mirror and hairbrush  

  Stunning antique silver-plate hand mirror  

  Stunning antique toleware spice tin  

  Stunning antique trunk  

  Stunning antique WMF ceramic & silver plate tray  

  Stunning double vintage eiderdown  

  Stunning framed vintage Sanderson's floral linen  

  Stunning hand-stitched Kashmiri crewelwork rug  

  Stunning hand-stitched needlepoint cushion  

  Stunning large antique jug  

  Stunning little vintage embroidery  

  Stunning little vintage French gilt mirror  

  Stunning pair of vintage silver plate candlesticks  

  Stunning Victorian gypsy or bobbin table  

  Stunning Victorian silver plate serving spoon  

  Stunning vintage antique style silver plate candelabra, candle stick, candle holder  

  Stunning vintage cut glass sugar or jam pot with silver plated lid & spoon  

  Stunning vintage double eiderdown, floral, 1930's  

  Stunning vintage eiderdown, rare double  

  Stunning vintage etched glass dome  

  Stunning vintage floral chintz curtains  

  Stunning vintage floral feather eiderdown  

  Stunning vintage French chintz feather bolster cushion  

  Stunning vintage French ebony crucifix  

  Stunning vintage French frameless oil painting on canvas  

  Stunning vintage French style bird cage  

  Stunning vintage French Virgin Mary statue  

  Stunning vintage handmade beaded panel  

  Stunning vintage Lloyd Loom chair, with label and original paintwork  

  Stunning vintage needlepoint cushion  

  Stunning vintage original oil painting  

  Stunning vintage original oil painting on canvas  

  Stunning vintage pure wool blanket  

  Stunning vintage pure wool blanket or throw  

  Stunning vintage pure wool blanket, wool throw, tartan blanket, tartan throw.  

  Stunning vintage pure wool Welsh blanket  

  Stunning vintage shabby painted pine carpenters box. Perfect rustic coffee table !  

  Stunning vintage silver plate and glass butter dish  

  Stunning vintage silver plate egg cups on stand  

  Stunning vintage silver-plate candelabra  

  Stunning vintage silver-plate candelabra  

  Stunning vintage water-colour painting  

  Stunning vintage1950's Heals curtains  

  Stylish little vintage silver -plate ice bucket  

  Stylish vintage Art Deco turquoise glass jug  

  Stylish vintage bread or cheese board in silver plate tray  

  Stylish vintage wooden shoe lasts  

  Sublime antique French fan  

  Sublime antique French picture or photo mount  

  Sublime antique shabby chic painted chair  

  Sublime embroidered antique Irish linen sheet  

  Sublime lace trimmed antique pillowcases  

  Sublime little antique tin trunk  

  Sublime little Austrian antique tapestry evening bag  

  Sublime painted antique mirror with shelf and drawer  

  Sublime vintage 1920's/30's original floral watercolour  

  Sublime vintage French eiderdown  

  Sumlime little antique oil painting on canvas  

  Super antique trunk  

  Super little antique folding wire & brass fire guard  

  Super set of six 19th Century silver-plate 7 1/4" spoons  

  Super vintage 1930's double quilt  

  Super vintage dolly tub, garden planter  

  Super vintage enamel bread bin  

  Super vintage folding washing airer  

  Super vintage French red striped towels or kitchen cloths  

  Super vintage globe, 10" Philips dated 1960  

  Super vintage kitchen scales  

  Super vintage trunk, shipping box with lovely old labels  

  Super vintage Union Jack flag on pole  

  Superb 1920's vintage gilt photo frame  

  Superb 19th Century Asiatic Pheasants platter  

  Superb 19th Century hat tin or miniature trunk  

  Superb 19th Century hat tin with key  

  Superb antique chair, with original ebonized finish and caned seat  

  Superb antique Copeland over-sized bowl  

  Superb antique country house heavy linen bedspread  

  Superb antique deed box or safe box  

  Superb antique French needlepoint cushion  

  Superb antique gilded antique French picture frame  

  Superb antique kitchen scales  

  Superb antique leather bound jewellery box  

  Superb antique quilt, handstitched, 19th Century  

  Superb antique silver plate food dome or cloche  

  Superb antique silver plate pickle fork with carved mother of pearl handle  

  Superb antique steamer trunk  

  Superb antique trunk  

  Superb Art Deco mirror with chrome frame  

  Superb blue & white Burslem divided tureen  

  Superb handpainted vintage toleware tray  

  Superb heavy antique cut glass water jug  

  Superb large J & G Meakin vintage platter  

  Superb large vintage French enamel stock pot  

  Superb large vintage Sanderson's linen feather cushion  

  Superb painted vintage solid mahogany travel chest or trunk  

  Superb Victorian leather travelling photograph frame  

  Superb Victorian transfer ware pedestal bowl with  

  Superb vintage 4 person Brexton picnic set  

  Superb vintage Art Deco bone handled dinner knives  

  Superb vintage French garden chair, cafe chair, folding chair. Original worn paintwork  

  Superb vintage Georgian style silver-plated candlesticks  

  Superb vintage large tin trunk  

  Superb vintage leather horse shoe collar box  

  Superb vintage needlepoint and petit point cushion. Tapestry cushion. Hand-stitched  

  Superb vintage pure wool Scottish "Balbirnie" blanket  

  Superb vintage solid oak breakfast tray  

  Superb vintage steamer trunk  

  Superb vintage steamer trunk  

  Superb vintage steamer trunk, with willow runners &  

  Sweet antique oak stationary rack or desk tidy  

  Sweet little 19th Century Asiatac Pheasant plate  

  Sweet little antique silver plate toast rack  

  Sweet little Victorian painted mirror  

  Sweet little vintage bentwood kitchen sieve  

  Sweet little vintage Cornishware style striped pudding basin/bowl  

  Sweet little vintage fishing creel or basket  

  Sweet little vintage floral enamel bowl  

  Sweet little vintage gardening book  

  Sweet little vintage Star pond yacht  

  Sweet little vintage wire cooling rack  

  Sweet pink lustre vintage Govancroft jug  

  Sweet vintage carved wooden Welsh butter dish  

  Sweet vintage lidded tureen  

  Sweet vintage silver-plate toast rack  

  Sweet vintage wooden Ceylon tea box or crate  

  The loveliest vintage 1940's 25" Union Jack on pole  

  The prettiest antique glass perfume bottle  

  The prettiest green & white Victorian platter  

  The prettiest pair of antique lace trimmed pillowcases  

  The prettiest pair of hand-embroidered vintage pillowcases  

  The prettiest Victorian framed religious print  

  The prettiest vintage eiderdown  

  The prettiest vintage enamel saucepan  

  The prettiest vintage feather eiderdown  

  The prettiest vintage French antique style mirror  

  The prettiest vintage pure wool pastel tartan throw or blanket  

  Traditional vintage banded dairy or milk jug  

  Trio of darling vintage clay plant pots in wire holder  

  Trio of large French glass kitchen jars  

  Two adorable vintage floral tins  

  Two darling 19th Century antique hand turned wooden toddy spoons  

  Unusual antique silver plate toast rack with cut glass butter dish  

  Unusual vintage enamel butter dish  

  Unusual vintage enamel fireplace trivet  

  Utterly charming Victorian painted wall cabinet or cupboard  

  Utterly divine 12" vintage silver plate trumpet vase  

  Utterly divine plump pink paisley vintage feather eiderdown  

  Utterly sublime 19th Century antique picture frame  

  Vibrant vintage French oil painting on board  

  Victorian fitted leather Gladstone bag  

  Victorian floral photograph album mount  

  Victorian transfer ware tureen  

  Victorian transfer ware tureen  

  Vintage "Sweet Peas" gardening book  

  Vintage 1930's animal feed sign or advert  

  Vintage 1930's hand-stitched needlepoint evening bag with matching coin purse. Vintage evening purse. Vintage evening bag. 1930's  

  Vintage 1940's boudoir cushion  

  Vintage 4 person Brexton picnic set, blue hard case, floral china, flask and containers  

  Vintage 4 person Sirram picnic set, blue hard case, floral china, flask and containers  

  Vintage biscuit tin  

  Vintage bread or cheese board set in Art Nouveau tray  

  Vintage cabinet or cupboard, with original shabby paintwork  

  Vintage Copeland Spode side and serving plates  

  Vintage deckchair  

  Vintage enamel bread bin  

  Vintage enamel measuring jug  

  Vintage floral Sanderson's linen in chippy Victorian gilt frame  

  Vintage French enamel roasting pan, roasting tin, baking tin, enamelware  

  Vintage French florist's vase with worn paintwork  

  Vintage French garden chair  

  Vintage French mercury glass candlestick,  

  Vintage French painted metal photo frame.  

  Vintage French silk-lined sewing needle case  

  Vintage French stool  

  Vintage metal clock face for display  

  Vintage original oil on board after Eugene Lambert  

  Vintage paisley feather eiderdown  

  Vintage pressed glass dome  

  Vintage stacking Tala cake tin  

  Vintage stool with authentic original worn paintwork  

  Vintage washing airer, vintage clothes horse or towel rail. Original shabby paintwork  

  Vintage wooden folding washing airer or laundry rack  

  Vintage Wood's Ivory Ware cake stand  

  Wonderful 1930's vintage apron or house dress  

  Wonderful 19th Century Asiatic Pheasant's platter  

  Wonderful 19th Century blue & white Asiatic Pheasants bowl or tureen  

  Wonderful antique leather suitcase or trunk  

  Wonderful antique stoneware jelly mould  

  Wonderful industrial cupboard or cabinet  

  Wonderful large vintage Union Jack flag  

  Wonderful little vintage Elma coffee grinder  

  Wonderful Mason's Ironstone vintage advertising cheese dish  

  Wonderful painted vintage ladder towel rail  

  Wonderful vintage "Glass Queen" wash board  

  Wonderful vintage 1930's Lloyd Loom chair  

  Wonderful vintage bead-work and needlepoint cushion  

  Wonderful vintage door bell  

  Wonderful vintage French religious statue or figurine  

  Wonderful vintage kitchen scales, weighing scales, Salter  

  Wonderful vintage linen needlepoint tablecloth  

  Wonderful vintage painted step ladder  

  Wonderful vintage pure wool blanket  

  Wonderful vintage wooden joiners chest  

  Wonderful vintage wooden washing airer, clothes horse, laundry rack or towel rail  

  Wonderfully shabby 19th Century oil portrait  

  Wonderfully shabby antique painted mirror  

  Wonderfully shabby antique tin with internal mirror  

  Wonderfully shabby vintage enamel sign  

  Wonderfully shabby vintage pine step ladders  

  Worn antique leather covered jewellery or vanity box